Synesgy makes the ESG assessment as easy as possible.

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Find out where your suppliers and business partners stand with respect to sustainability matters. After all, your own company can only be sustainable in the long term if your suppliers also value sustainability.

Awareness of  sustainability has grown a great deal over the past ten years. This has caused companies, credit institutions and insurance companies to re-evaluate their business models and the effects of their activities on the planet. Investors, consumers and corporations now pay particular attention to their adherence to ESG principles and the assessment of sustainability in their supply chain.

Synesgy is a global alliance of leading corporations that makes the transition to sustainability easier, with the assistance of an innovative digital platform. The network is made up of partners who have specialised in economic and business information from companies worldwide. Their mission is to gather data from all around the world, and to aggregate it in order to generate harmonised, comparable and predictable information to be integrated into its customers’ business processes.

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With the integrated Co2 calculator, calculating your GHG emissions becomes child's play!

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